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Gourmet DIY – The Fairy Tale Diet Way 2 of 5

Before we focus on the promised posting…

Drum roll pleeeeease……..

This is the day I have looked forward to for so very long…

Please join me in my personal celebration!

On January 1st, 2011 I weighed in at 307 pounds!  I sat down and cried, not because I wore the biggest dress size I ever had, but because I knew what I needed to do and refused. I was literally “pushed out of shape”.

I like millions of you made that fateful New Years Resolution! This time I was in it for the long run.  I made a kind of super-duper commitment to myself, for myself, ‘till death do I part!

Today… I have weighed in at…  248 pounds! Thank you, Thank you!!!  I made it under 250 pounds!!!!

Yes! I have lost 59 pounds in 476 days (68 weeks), or 1.15 pounds per week… slow but stead proof that The Fairy Tale Diet works.

I must admit that DH has a big influence in my actions… and the fact that I have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Hashimoto’s, Phibitus, Crohn’s, and have had high blood pressure, 2 heart attacks, a stroke, and last February was told I was boarder-line diabetic.

I have to continue on with this program. Today I received the news that I have that diabetes thing under control, have had no flair ups from Crohn’s for months and I no longer need high blood pressure meds.

Winter is upon us, with its parade of holidays and eating rituals past.  To get through them we stayed focused.  Right here, right now, I vow to cut enough calories from my intake to reach 225 pounds by August 1st, 2012. When I reach 175 pounds I will post my photo! (even if the med charts say that for my height I should weigh between 110-125 pounds.)

I will now start to give you monthly updates as close to the first of each month as I can remember…. Duh.

I will make it with your support and The Fairy Tale Diet. (I have so far. LOL) One of my favorite items in this program is the noodles. 

Let me get back on track now and tell you about The Fairy Tale Diet and those noodles:

    • The Miracle Noodles are so healthy! Available in many shapes and textures. Eat no more than 3 a day. They have no calories, no fat, and no gluten, nothing negative. They play the starring role of fiber in our diets. This noodle is made mainly of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber acts to slow digestion. By doing this, it allows for the slower absorption of glucose and is the reason behind its beneficial effects in diabetes. The soluble fiber found in the Miracle Noodle slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness and is an essential part of any weight loss program. You also absorb more nutrients in the foods you eat with the Miracle Noodle due to the slowing of digestion. By replacing or supplementing at least one meal per day with these noodles you will definitely raise your needed fiber intake and dramatically lower your total calorie intake. They just may be one reason my Crohn’s’. Soluble fiber binds bile acids that are secreted from the gall bladder. These bile acids have cholesterol in them and are bound up by the soluble fiber in the Miracle Noodle and then excreted. These noodles help with diabetes because, by slowing the digestive process, there is a slower absorption of glucose, which then requires a slower release of insulin from the pancreas, which aids in the normalization of blood glucose after eating a meal. (Thus my lowered blood pressure, and my cleared diabetes report.)  The folks at Miracle Noodles are committed to providing the highest quality shiitake, konnyaku, shirataki noodles, non tofu noodles, non soy noodles, non soy shirataki to an ever-expanding market of people on low carb diets, Atkins Diet, and “foodies” looking for novelty and zero calorie pasta in their home cooking. Their shiitake noodles made from the konnyaku imo plant are of the highest quality. They have the largest selection and wide variety of shirataki noodles on the market. I am now more convinced than ever that by utilizing these noodles with the Fairy Tale Diet we have just found the best weight loss plan.
    • Beans, beans, beans!  These are sooooo good for your heart — really! Beans are super loaded with insoluble fiber, which everyone knows helps lower cholesterol, as well as soluble fiber, which gives you that fully satisfied feeling and helps rid your body of waste. They are also a very good, very low-fat source of protein, carbohydrates, magnesium, and potassium. We favor edamame (whole soybeans) because they also contain heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and black beans that help curb gout (which is cause by high levels of uric acid found in gourmet dishes). All beans can easily be substituted for meat or poultry as the centerpiece of a meal, but they also work as a side dish, or tossed into soups, stews, or egg dishes. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend 3 cups weekly; we have doubled that to 6 cups a week.

Fish and Foul – Salmon and Tuna are the only fish on our program because they are manna foods with huge omega-3 fatty acid content. Research proves that omega-3 fatty acids help protect heart health. The American Heart Association recommends eating turkey or chicken breast or fatty fish like salmon or tuna twice weekly, we say four times a week. We have deleted shellfish, pork and beef from our program. An overall comparison, fowl is the healthiest (skinless of course). Red meat tends to be higher in saturated fat. The bottom line with turkey and chicken…ditch the skin and stay away from the wings. If you’re paying close attention to your fat intake, choose the leaner breast. The salmon and tuna are both low in calories (200 for 3 ounces) have lots of protein, are good sources of iron, and are very low in saturated fat. You can simply grill or bake them, top then with salsas or other low-fat sauces (check out Walden Farms), or serve them on top of green salads or stir-fry them into your manna veggies below.  Worried about the mercury content of the fish? (Mercury has been known to accumulate in fish.) Don’t worry! The great benefits of eating salmon and tuna three times a week far outweighs any possible risk, but if you are the least bit concerned, check with your doctor.

With this rundown on a few of the items we include in the Fairy Tale Diet we now off another of our FREE RECIPES using them:

Mexican Seafood Paella

Our friends Hector & Theresa say: “This recipe for Spanish seafood paella is quite authentic – you will love it – any juices that we get from preparing the ingredients are reserved and used like a gravy. Being from Spain we know this dish originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century near lake Albufera, a lagoon in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain. This mixed paella is a free-style combination of chicken, seafood, beans and vegetables. What keeps it authentic are the  other key ingredients: pungent, edible, yellow, flower petals and olive oil.”
2 pkg Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls

1 can non-stick pan spray Olive oil

1 can black beans

1 can chicken chunks
1 pkg Table Vinegar
1 can salmon
1 can tuna
1 sml orange bell pepper, diced
1 sml zucchini diced
2 pkg onion flakes
2 pkg garlic
3 T Calendula Petals
1 stock of diced celery


1.      Spray a frying pan, break the chicken into pieces and poach in the vinegar in a large frying pan for as long as it takes you open & rinse all seafood and add all to the pan.

2.      Add the pimento, peppers, onion and garlic and fry for 1 minute.

3.      As mixture is frying, double rinse the Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls, spray Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls with the pan spray, coating them, pour Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls into a sauce pan with water, bring to simmering point and then add your Calendula petals – stir well. Remove from heat. Now’s the hard part as far as your will power is concerned  – cover (either with a lid or foil) and leave it for 10 minutesno peeping as the processing time will be extended and you might get grains of Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls that are not colored and flavored in the finished dish – so LEAVE IT ALONE.

Add the cooked chicken and seafood; stir well and cover – leave to cook for about 5 minutes. Then add the peas, stir well, cover and leave a further 5 minutes.

This amazing, delicious dish serves four people for fewer than 280 calories each in less than 25 minutes (less if you have a helper to chop the veggies)!

With flavors like this, who would ever consider this as dieting?  My DH calls it ‘Fancy –Shmancy’, but he always asks for seconds! This is Granny’s’ Gourmet DIY for the Fairy Tale Diet!





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Gourmet DIY Dieting 101 – Class 5 of 5

Well, we’ve made to our fifth and last study period on dieting!

Today we will learn the effectiveness of a strict low-carbohydrate diet.

So what do you think?

True or false: Low-carbohydrate foods have fewer calories than other foods.

Let’s do the research!

Logically the only way to find out whether a low-carbohydrate product also has fewer calories is to read the label or find a recipe and make it for you.   There are many companies that make food items that are cutting carbohydrates from their products and filling them up with fat — without reducing the calories. Remember: a calorie is a calorie, whether it’s from carbohydrate, protein, or fat.

Now about the terms “net carbohydrates,” “impact carbohydrates” and “effective carbohydrates.” These are terms that are not defined by the Food and Drug Administration, (a government organization with their own agenda) and are used by food manufacturers to cash in on the current carb rage and fear, which as lasted for many, many years. The terms “net carbohydrates,” “impact carbohydrates” and “effective carbohydrates” mean this is the amount of carbohydrate that’s left after you subtract those carbohydrates said to have a negligible effect — such as fiber, sugar alcohols, and glycerin.

Because the government will not recognize or define these terms and accept that research supports the assumptions behind them, our opinion is that we all continue to follow The Fairy Tale Diet.  By the government not recognizing these terms they do little more than confuse consumers. Read your labels, and choose foods that are low in sugars, rich in fibers, for the healthiest carbohydrates.

Now that you’re practically an expert on carbohydrates and calories, you can better make sense of food labels. As we said, serving size, calories, along with fat grams, protein grams, and carbohydrate grams, are listed in the nutrition facts panels of most commercial food products.

When in doubt, we have another FREE resource online that we can always go to: the U.S. Department of Agriculture‘s online nutrient database (called the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference). This extensive database allows you to choose the portion size, and provides not only calories but also a whole host of nutrients contained in the food.

Most Weight Loss Clinic eating plans offer at least half of the total calories from carbohydrates.  Remember that the NAS recommends that all diets should have 45% to 60% of total calories from carbohydrates.  

Choose your carbs wisely. Why choose a high calorie snack and still feel hungry when you can eat three times as much yummy tasting, filling, satisfying, healthy, low carb snacks and still be losing weight?  Healthy carbohydrates containing plenty of fiber (2-3 grams per serving) not only aid in digestive health and keep things moving along, but they also fill you up and help keep snack attacks at bay.

However… when eaten day after day at 45% to 60% of your daily diet…  you will not be able to reset you internal furnace as you need to, to achieve fast and permanent weight loss as we suggest with THE FAIRY TALE DIET.

So what do you think after doing the research?

True or false: Low-carbohydrate foods have fewer calories than other foods.

False. Remember: a calorie is a calorie, whether it’s from carbohydrate, protein, or fat. The big bell-ringer is how many calories that particular dish has.

The only way to find out whether a low-carbohydrate product also has fewer calories is to read the label or find a recipe and make it. Many companies that are making food items by cutting carbohydrates from their products are filling them up with fat — without reducing the calories any calories.  It is just a smoke screen. Read the label

Congratulations!  You have finished Dieting 101.  If you will send us an email from the contact page, write ‘I COMPLETED DIETING 101’ on the subject line, tell us your name, age, the date, and your state we will send you a Graduation Diploma, a subscription to our monthly e-zine and a surprise!

And if you just want to keep coming on back for more out our Free Recipes… like this one… that’s great too!

   European Tuna Anchovy Pasta

  I had the privilege of hearing Miss Rita  swears  by this: ‘A delightfully tasty Italian fish recipe for two on a Saturday Night!  It’s really quick to make and still leaves you time to go dancing!’

1 large can tuna in water
1 jar Walden Farms Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce
1 can anchovy fillets – drained and chopped
2 packages of Miracle Noodle Angle Hair
1 T of parmesan

  1. Double rinse the Miracle Noodle Angle Hair in very hot water, paper towel blot,and set aside.
  2. Drain the water, and put the tuna onto a microwave dish, pour Walden Farms Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce over the top and heat for 2 minutes.
  3. Add the chopped anchovies to the tomato sauce and heat another 2 minutes.
  4. Place the noodles on the plates and serve the tuna sauce spooned over the pasta.

Lightly sprinkle over Parmesan to taste and enjoy fish pasta.

There are 630 total delicious calories in this dish, it serves 4… that makes it less than 160 calories per serving.

This is Granny’s’ Gourmet DIY for the Fairy Tale Diet!

Class dismissed ‘till later



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Gourmet DIY Dieting 101 – Class 3 of 5

Here we are again and ready for our third class in this short study on dieting!

Today we will learn to figure a balanced meal based on caloric intake.

True or false: Most of us eat too many carbohydrates.

Think about your open book test question for today while we study some facts…

Before even starting this blog, just by looking around, I knew that most Americans ate too many calories.  I am pretty sure, by looking at what my neighbor has in their grocery cart that many of those carbohydrates come from sweets, sugars, and fats.

We do not just eat too many carbohydrates but too much of everything, which includes protein, fat, and alcohol. Our Fairy Tale Diet follows the guidelines of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The NAS recommends that all diets should have 45% to 60% of total calories from carbohydrates, mostly from low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains such as bread and brown rice (as for the Fairy Tale Diet, we go one step farther and ask that you go gluten-free.) The NAS recommends, as we do, that 10%-35% of calories come from protein, such as seafood, skinless poultry, and lean meat, and 20%-35% come from healthy fats such as vegetable oils, nuts, and seeds. This is how every meal should be.  We will repeat this too, so you can see it:

45% to 60% of total calories from carbohydrates (soup fruit and veggie juices)

10%-35% of calories come from protein (fish, foul, eggs and peanut butter)

20%-35% come from healthy fats (soup & peanut butter)

Please notice, that within the confines of the Fairy Tale Diet, NO calories are allowed for alcohol, whether you are 1, or 21, or 101 unless you save these for your two consecutive days off!

CNET offered, back in December 2009, a wonderful program.  The Calorie Balance Diet is designed for multiple users, so everyone in the house can take advantage of it. Best of all, it’s FREE, and still available.  It works with every diet program that counts calories.  

It’s a free utility that makes it entirely too easy to figure out just how many calories you need to achieve your dietary goal, and what foods you should and shouldn’t eat to help you stay on track.

That’s like having Granny right by your side. Lol.

It also helps you keep useful schedules and records.  A simple wizard lets each user configure height, weight, gender, age, activity level, and other variables, and it automatically calculates caloric intake for a range of goals, including maintaining current weight or targeted weight loss.

It will tell you just how many calories you need to cut out of your daily diet to achieve your weight loss goals based on an activity level slider that essentially ranges from sluggard to dynamo, so you can get real results even if you’re stuck behind a desk every day simply by cutting out certain foods.

The Calorie Balance Tracker is a FREE spreadsheet-style database of foods, calories, and other data that makes your food intake abundantly clear.

The two tools I love best about this program: it also included are a recipe editor and a tool to make shopping lists.

DIY… Now you will have a lot more power… DIET Intelligent YOU”!
 Here again is your open book test question for today:

 True or false: Most of us eat too many carbohydrates.

True. Most Americans eat too many calories, just a fact, and many of those carbohydrates come from sweets, sugars, and fats. We do not just eat too many carbohydrates but too much of everything, which includes protein, fat, and alcohol.

So many of us just cannot resist love those sweet dishes and I have just the entrée for dinner tonight.

Asian Pineapple Chicken with Mini Pearls

We make a double batch, for next days leftovers!

My friend Mi Ling’s husband, Yu, had this to say: “Pineapple sauced chicken and mini pearls is beyond belief.  My parents flew in from China and we fixed this dish for them… they thought my wife (who burns boiling water) had performed a miracle….  Thanks to you, Granny… she did! ”

  • 2 bags of Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls
  • 1 can chicken chunks
  • 1 small can pineapple chunks, with juice reserved
  • 4 T Walden Farms Asian Sauce
  • 1 T lemon juice
  • 1 pkg Splenda


Warm 2 serving dishes in the microwave.

In a saucepan combine the pineapple juice, Walden Farms Asian, lemon juice, pineapple, and Splenda, and place over medium heat; cook until the liquid has reduced to syrup, about 5 minutes.

While waiting for the sauce to thicken, double rinse Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls in a colander with very hot water, paper towel blot.

Once the sauce is thickened add the Miracle Noodles Mini Pearls and chicken; remove from heat and serve onto the 2 warmed serving plates.

With only about 40 calories a serving, and this makes 4 servings… indulge yourself with seconds!  As the late, great Jackie Gleason used to say… “How Sweeeeeeet it is!”

Class dismissed ‘till later



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Gourmet DIY Dieting 101 – Class 2 of 5

Gourmet DIY Dieting 101 – Class 2 of 5

How is “DIET Intelligent YOU” doing today? Are you ready for your second class in this short study on dieting?  I sure hope so!

Let’s learn more about Calories & Carbs in Proteins, Fat & Alcohol

 Here’s your open book test question for today:

True or false: You get more calories from foods high in carbohydrates than those made up mostly of protein or fat.

False. Fat has more calories than either carbohydrates or protein.

Let’s make this simple: a ruler measures length and calories measure units of energy.

While educating you, or reminding you, about the basics of dieting I will also be laying out the groundwork to present several products that we have found to be remarkable.  DH and I love them.  We have lost a lot of weight with the help of the products we will be sharing with you and how we use them in all sorts of recipes. Calories are a curse!  Tasting is the first thing Grandma Eve learned about that got her thrown out of house and home…

We plan on teaching you a better way to eat those calories.. and you can, you must, cheat… and hopefully no one loses their place of residence. LOL

Most foods and drinks (except water) contain calories. Just as logs of firewood are used increase the heat to cook food at a campfire, the number of calories in food and drinks are an example of the energy units they contain to help make the body run properly.

Calories (or, more technically: kilocalories) are used in your body to fuel physical activity (moving, breathing, heart pumping, digesting food, etc.) and keep your bodily processes running smoothly. Your heart, brain, lungs, muscles, and all your vital organs need these energy units to function (vitamins and minerals also play a big part in all of your body’s metabolic functions).

Calories only come from carbohydrates, protein, fats, and alcohol. You do not need alcohol, and very little fat. Carbohydrates make us feel full and we crave the sweet or salty flavors.

One gram of carbohydrate equals 4 calories, just the same as a gram of protein. A gram of fat, meanwhile, equals 9 calories, and the same amount of alcohol equals 7 calories. So, gram for gram, fat has twice as many calories as carbohydrates or protein. We will print it out here so you can see it:

1 gram of fat has 9 calories.  

1 gram of alcohol has 7 calories.  

1 gram of carbohydrate or protein has 4 calories.

So… If you were to restrict the amount of fat and carbs and eliminated alcohol, you could drastically reduce your intake of calories and thus… lose pounds and lose inches!

Obviously we will not be presenting you with wine laced dishes or ones dripping in oils, fats or lard!

However today we will be introducing two new online venders that we lean heavily on in creating our recipes.

The first vender is found at

 As she says at her site: “A Little Goes a Long Way with LorAnn’s Super Strength Flavors!  Our super-strength flavors, also known as candy oils or candy flavors, are 3 to 4 times stronger than grocery store extracts. When substituting our flavors for extracts, use 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon for 1 teaspoon of extract.   1 dram =  1 teaspoon (approx.)  For applications where just a hint of flavor is needed, we suggest adding flavor by the drop until desired intensity is achieved.

LorAnn flavors are certified Kosher by Star-K except for Canadian Maple and Horchata.   Their super-strength flavors are concentrated and therefore very potent.

 The main reasons (besides the highly concentrated product) for recommending LorAnn’s Super-Strength Flavors:

 · Gluten Free

· Sugar Free (except Canadian Maple)

· Contain no Vegetable Oils  

The recipe today uses brandy extract. People use this to give the flavor of brandy without the alcohol.   Though brandy extracts are made with alcohol, such a small amount is needed in any recipe that the end product is virtually non-alcoholic.  

Why we recommend that you substitute flavorings for real alcohol: brandy (1 tablespoon brandy extract = 5 tablespoons brandy) OR vanilla extract OR rum extract.  This can avoid those calories and allow for all the flavor!  

The next vender is found at

Here is a smidgen of what they have to say about their noodles on their site:

  • Made of naturally water-soluble fiber with no fat, no sugar, and no starch.
  • Contains zero net carbohydrates and zero calories, no gluten -made of a healthy natural fiber called Glucomannan.
  • Wheat free & gluten-free and kosher.
  • Easily absorbs the flavors of any soup, dish, or sauce.
  • Are instant and come in different styles
  • Have shown beneficial effects backed by medical studies for Type II Diabetes, Constipation, Obesity, and Cholesterol!

The great Dr. Carlos Levy of Broward Health Weston, has done the tests and trials and recommends them to all of his patients. With all the advantages offered by these two venders is it any doubt about why we use them in our ‘diet’ and now recommend them to you. 

Before we get to today’s recipe here again is your open book test question for today:

True or false: You get more calories from foods high in carbohydrates than those made up mostly of protein or fat.

False. Fat has more calories than either carbohydrates or protein. (I bet you got that one right!)

Now with the help of Walden Farms, Miracle Noodle, and LorAnn you are about to enjoy the best, most nutritious, delicious, no fat, no carbs, no gluten, steak dinner you have had in months…  and under 80 calories per serving and there are 4 servings.

American Steaklette Diane over Mini Pearls

 We we so excited to get this review from Jan: ‘Steaklette Diane is a super variation of the classic entrée often served in some of the finest restaurants — but our taste buds are soooo blessed that Granny saw no reason we couldn’t make Steaklette Diane in our very own kitchens in under 10 minutes and under 400 calories. It comes together so quickly that you can prepare it any night of the week, and shock your dinner partner.  They will think you slaved in the kitchen and that you took culinary classes.  Thanks Granny!!!’

2 pkg Mini Pearls from Miracle Noodles in lue of rice

2 cans of any brand of Beef Chunk Stew

1 T lemon zest

1 t cilantro, parsley or dried green tea leaves

1 T Dijon mustard

1 T Walden Farms Hickory Smoked BBQ Sauce

1 dram LorAnn’s brandy flavoring

1 T Herbs de Province


1.          Warm the serving plates in the microwave while you open the cans of beef stew and completely rinse them in a colander under hot running water. 

2.          In a non-stick sprayed frying pan, over low medium heat, lightly brown the beef steaklettes and veggies for about 3 minutes.

3.          While waiting the 3 minutes, cut open the Miracle Noodle Mini Pearls and rinse them in a colander under hot water, pour onto a paper towel, pat dry and pour onto the middle of your warmed serving plates.

4.          Move the beef steaklettes and veggies from the pan onto the bed of Miracle Noodle Mini Pearls, cover serving plates to keep them warm, and ½  cup water to the drippings and return pan to the fire.

5.          Into a cup mix 1/4th of the tea or parsley or cilantro, the lemon and mustard,  Walden Farms Hickory Smoked BBQ sauce and add to the drippings from the pan. (still over low heat).

6.          Stir and cook for only 1 minute.

7.          Remove from heat.

8.          Add LorAnn’s  brandy flavoring to the mixture and pour immediately over the steaks.

9.          Garnish the steaks by sprinkling them with a pinch of green tea, parsley or cilantro.

I can hardly wait to serve this to our friends when the come to dinner!

Happy eating!  Now you will know why we needed the help of Walden Farms, Miracle Noodle, and LorAnn  to make this amazing dish that is not only filling but is the best, most nutritious, delicious, no fat, no carbs, no gluten, steak dinner you will ever have that is under  80 calories per serving and there are 4 servings.

Remember to tell the folks at Miracle Noodle, Walden Farmsand LorAnn’s that you heard about them from us…

Class dismissed ‘till later



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Gourmet Fast Cheap Delicious DIET Dishes

You want to lose weight and still enjoy gourmet dishes?

Welcome to Granny’s Gourmet DIY.  

After you read this, you will want to favorite our site to be able to shop for the items needed and once back home prepare a fabulous meal that others will believe was catered from a fine restaurant that only makes high calorie fattening foods.  Only you will know that it is low-carb and either low-calorie or no calorie and only took you 10-20 minutes from package to table, and that you did it all yourself, DIY.  

Never tell them that it was much, cheaper than those catered guys.  Just coo when the complements flow and tell them that these delicious flavors were magical and that they would be surprised at how you slaved over the stove… just for them.   

Many of our dishes require online purchases for the ingredients but the cost and nutritional values and flavors are amazing!

My secret ingredients and shopping lists offer you the chance to create DIY, gourmet, low carb, nutritious meals from the box to the table in under 10-20 min and most of them are under 400 calories.

Thirty years ago I owned and ran a very successful establishment in Sacramento, California named Bo Jangles.  Life happens and time goes on and yet my love for feeding others has not died .

I was going to start a new home delivery service called ‘Order Dinner In’ using my special menus but… I live in an area where it either rains or snows for 8 months out of the year.  Compile that with the fact that 2 heart attacks and 1 stroke later I have decided that driving in those conditions can be bad for my health! (Not to mention the lives of those that I may ‘acidentally run across’ literally, should something happen!!!!)

We have lost over 150 combined pounds and are not quite ready to post photos… soon though… because like you we need and want to lose pounds and lose inches.  We eat the recipes we cook – five days in a row… and on the other two days, the days we do not post… we eat anything we want.

So… being on the creative side, I did some crafts and I have written a couple of how-to books and compiled a couple of cookbooks (using the recipes I was going to prepare for my ‘OrderDinnerIn’ clients and have helped us lose all this weight) that are now available if you are interested but I will also be giving you a free recipe every weekday. be it an entrée, a side dish, desert or beverage. 

I guess what I should have named todays blog  is: PREVIEWS OF COMING ATTRACTIONS! LOL!

We will not be delving into the topics of politics, religion, children, romance, the weather or fashion.  They may be mentioned in passing on occasion but the main purpose here is to give you a dish that will WOW your taste buds at a price you can afford and as fast a lighting to prepare!

If this all sounds great to you…  then I’ll be back again with menus and shopping lists ASAP.




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Delicious Gourmet DIET Chicken and Dumplings

Delicious Gourmet DIET Chicken and Dumplings
My DH loves several of the dishes I make, and I love a few he prepares too!

Before he even knew this was a diet dish this became one of his very favorites, not because of the ingredients but BECAUSE HE CRAVES IT AND FROM THE TIME HE SAYS HE WANTS IT, (even if he does not help) UNTILL HE’S EATING IS LESS THAN SEVEN MINUTES…

Chicken and dumplings is also called Chicken and pastry or Chicken and sliders and is a very popular comfort food dish, commonly found in the Southern and Midwestern United States, that is also attributed to being a French Canadian  meal that originated during the Great Depression, (so my DH tells me).  A dumpling in this context is normally a mixture of flour, shortening, and water or milk or flour and stock, which is then formed into a ball or rolled out flat. Chicken and dumplings as a dish is prepared with a combination of boiled chicken meat, the broth produced by boiling the chicken, multiple dumplings, and salt and pepper for seasoning.

However… we want fast and we want it NOW!  We can not wait for the chicken to cook to create the broth nor do we want to wait while biscuits are made from scratch.  We cut past all of that and do not add extra salt or pepper either!

One close friend who wishes to stay a nameless ‘Busy Mommy’ said: “This is a great recipe for southern style chicken and dumplings. My husband doesn’t usually like Chicken and Dumplings, but he absolutely loved these and asked for seconds (which he never does with anything). My little boys (2, 4, and 5 years) ate it up and asked for more also. I made this last week when I was up against a time crunch and was thrilled I could just throw this together on a night I didn’t feel like spending much time and energy on cooking.

She went on to tell me that this is great and easy for the kids to help with also.”

Of Course!  The more hands helping to make these dishes… the faster it will be ready to eat!!!

Here are the simple ingredients to shop for 2 adults (increase the amounts if you are feeding more):

  • 1 12 oz Alfredo Pasta Sauce from Walden Farms
  • 1 package of 4 dinner rolls
  •  creamer packets
  • 1 (14 ounce) cans cream of chicken soup
  • 2 (10 ounce) cans chunk chicken, drained

That’s right! SUPER SIMPLE!

  1. Turn on the hot water tap and let it get good and hot as you open all the cans.
  2. Pour the soup and sauce in first, then rinse each container with add 1/2 can/jar of HOT water and then add the chicken to your large pot. 
  3. Place on medium heat until a gentle boil.
  4. Open and stir in the creamers.
  5. Open and break apart the rolls into fourths or smaller and then drop the pieces into the chicken mixture.  Make sure they are fully immersed at least for a moment. Once all the dough is in the pot, carefully stir so that the broth covers the newest ones.

Cover and simmer over a medium heat for about 2 more minutes, always stirring.

You are ready to serve 2 hungry people super fast, a nutritional, delicious, meal with under 400 calories each serving!


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