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Gourmet DIY Life-long Reduction Binge

Here is what my title says this posting is about:

A person with a discerning palate who can, on their own, for the rest of their life, cut or diminish the short periods devoted to indulging in an activity to excess, especially eating.

It is a long drawn out description of changing the way you eat, allowing for scheduled temporary breaks, with determination, for as long as you shall live!

We all pretty much eat whatever we want, when we want it, without ever a care for the future! Most of us need to learn to do this, but only 2 days a week! Reduce the binge to two days and cut the intake of carbs, calories and fat the other five days!

Think about this… most jobs… On five off two, repeated week after week, after month, after year, and if you save a pinch each payday, saving for something special… eventually you get what you so much desire.  You do not work continually without time off! And the Fairy Tale Diet is the same kind of situation. 

If you only work 5 days a week, this does not mean that you work part-time…  It is a full-time job you do for a living!  You slave 5 days a week so you can play 2 days a week. You look forward to your 2 days… thus the ‘TGIF” phrase because we know that on the next day we get to make all the calls for 48 hours, slaving for no one because that time is we spend as we see fit!   We all get to eat, drink and be merry!

Why not think about your food intake the same way?  Restrict your intake with dishes that are delicious but super low in calories for five days only.  It takes a mere 1200-2000 calories a day, depending on you body size and physical excursions just to live, just to breath, pump your heart, digest your food, blink and think. If you make your body move more than you give it fuel to sustain these activities then you lose weight.  Most of us are opposed to that idea.  The only other option is to quit stoking the fire with fuel that is going to be stored away as fat, but only do it for five days, just short of your body shutting down because it thinks you are starving.

Enter: the Fairy Tale Diet.  Come the weekend you will re-trigger your metabolic rate by eating anything your little heart desires… anything! Pizza? Go for it!  Banana Split with a ton of whip cream and hot fudge?   Breakfast out for biscuits and gravy with hash, bacon, sausage, pancakes and four eggs?  No problem!  How about some greasy fried chicken for lunch with a heaping helping of potato salad?  That’s what I’ve been talking about!  On five off two, repeated week after week, after month, after year.  You will eventually reach your goal without guilt or feeling deprived and still have a great time getting there!

You need to do what I did. You must become absolutely passionate about losing weight, to the goal of losing weight and feeling better.  No one can do this for you.  No future occasion will be powerful enough to keep you to the task.  Drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers and gamblers can all remove the cause temptation of their addictions but not us.  Our weakness is food.  We either crave it or use it to pacify feelings of neglect, abandonment, and worthlessness, or as a form of celebration or to entice with.  We use food.  We also must consume food to continue to exist.  That old saying ‘you and take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink ‘ is true.  Horses are smart. If a horse is not thirsty, does not need the liquids it will not drink. If you take the horse to water… and the water is bad, the horse will not drink… if only we were that smart.

Humans are weak.  We fall to temptation and are lured into a multitude of sins through our senses’. Eve was living proof!  We get a whiff of something that smells delicious and we go weak in the knees.  Food is our passion.  Now we need a new passion if we are to change what we see in the mirror.  Your passion about your goal keeps you committed and will assure your success.  Once you are passionate about achieving your weight loss goal, you will find the way to do it.  You will also find it easier to say no to those things that once held power over you!  You will no longer be reaching for the ‘forbidden fruit’!  Everybody’s body is different. Everybody has different cravings. Everybody that is over weight has eaten more calories than their body can burn on any given day, day after day, for a while now!   Only you can find the reason, the strength, the desire and passion that will keep you on the path to reach your goal weight and optimum size.  Above all, you must stay positive about what you are doing.  Being negative never gets you anywhere. Positive thoughts and actions, supporters and loved ones will help change your bad health habits into new positive healthy behaviors.

Just a little less than a year ago I weighed in at 307 pounds in a size 26. I am now a size 22, and heading for 250 pounds, and I smile A LOT more.  I have a lot more energy and my DH loves it!  It took me a while to face what I was doing to myself… and I decided I did not like what I saw, so… I changed; I now take care of myself. 

Join me…this site is here to tell you what I’ve learned about losing weight and being healthy.  I will give you FREE RECIPES and share the research I have found in hopes that the information benefits you as much as it has me.

On five off two, repeated week after week, after month, after year, after all… if it leads you down a path that ends at your goal… and you get to live happily ever after… while enjoying delicious gourmet dishes that are unbelievably low in calories… wouldn’t all be worth the journey?

If you have not come to that head space… and you are still playing with the idea that you can just diet enough to lose a few pounds to fit into a sweet outfit or swimsuit by a certain date… okay… give us a try… you will see that the Fairy Tale Diet does produce results. 

But, however, if you know the term the doctors use to describe your present weight is called obese… then you, just like me, are a perfect candidate for this precious and amazing change that you can make… and finally keep on track… On five off two, repeated week after week, after month, after year, after all… obviously nothing else has worked yet!  This worked for DH, it works for me, and it works for several of our friends… It will work for you if you work it!

Be that Gourmet DIY Life-long Reduction Bindger and join me on the Fairy Tale Diet. I would love a few more partners on this life’s journey!

Soooo… why don’t we create a special, delicious, gelatin treat from today’s FREE RECIPE?  You may even want to give them away as you stand under the mistletoe, or as special holiday presents!

Kids and adults can’t resist these easy, yummy treats!

Gelatin Oatmeal Mint Strawberries


2 cups oatmeal uncooked

½ cup powdered non-dairy creamer
1 cup hot water (about)
1 Large package sugar-free strawberry gelatin


1 teabag of mint tea, opened and poured on saucer

1 package of Splenda or 10 drops of Splendex

Water to moisten tea-leaves
Put all BERRY ingredients into a medium bowl. Mix together to a very thick pie crust consistency. Occasionally rinsing your hands in water makes it easier to work with the batter. Form into strawberries and place them on parchment or foil. 

People eat parsley and cilantro, and so… why not a tiny bit of mint tea leaves… they help with digestion, and add a nice flavor to our strawberries.  There are no phony leaves or stems to throw away and no sugar or frosting to add calories.  Oatmeal is a great source of fiber.

Mix all the LEAVES ingredients and then dip the stem area of your berries into the tea mixture and place the berries back on the foil.  Allow to firm up for about half and hour and then either eat or package them up into an airtight container and place in the fridge or freezer.

Makes about 36 berries. (The only calories in these delicious treats are in the oatmeal.)

PS. When done… wash your bowl and mixing spoon… but pour your tea into a cup… fill with boiling water… allow the tea to brew, leaves to fall… and relax as you lean back sipping your tea and nibbling a couple of these strawberries, and reflect on your latest culinary success!
This is Granny’s’ Gourmet DIY for the Fairy Tale Diet!

Class dismissed ‘till later



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The Truth About Dieting

Learn the truth and create your own special Fairy Tale Land.   

I am not a representative of any corporation, pill-pushing manufacturer, exercise industry not have I any thing to gain from sharing this information with you.  Sure, I might sell some of my special recipes and clearly print out step by step the way to succeed with the Fairy Tale Diet… but a mere $10 is not going to make or break you financial and it will not set me up as the next millionaires!

I am positive you have heard what I am about to say… but… do you want to lose your unwanted pounds without pills, shots or exercise and easily be able to keep it off for the rest of your life…or do you want to try starving again while you keep jogging up and down the same path losing and regaining those pounds until you drop over dead?

You already play ‘Follow the Leader’ but start following us, and quit following after the diet industry or the powers that be and gain in the wisdom, not more pounds.  The wisdom found in fairy tales: with each blog I will do my best to expose and expound the meanings, morals, and insights of the Fairy Tale Diet, how it got it’s name, and too… Big Brother’s hidden agenda. 

We started doing the research and laying the boundaries for our Fairy Tale Diet in mid February 2009.

‘The Powers That Be’ (TPTB) do not want the public to know the truth about many things, dieting is just one*.

We could purge obesity, famine, poverty and disease from the world within the shortest period but ‘they‘ will not allow it to happen.

‘They’ call those of us who speak out “Lunatics, Dreamers and Discontents” and fein concern for the changes we so long for, but fear and power guides them.

We decided that if ‘TPTB’ continue to refuse to help the populous, we can not stand wringing our hands nor keep silent one more second on what we know can help.  Woe to any who prevent us.

‘ TPTB’ know they are poisoning our food with chemicals, hormones and more in the name of progress and for the all mighty dollar*. Do your best to buy all of your food from health food stores or grow your own.  You will have a better chance of getting uncontaminated food.

Use herbs not prescriptions for pain and healing*.  The medical field and pill producers are in the money because they never really heal anyone… Think about it… If you get a cold it takes a week or two to get over it if you do not go to the doctor for his pills…. and if you do go to the doctor for his pills …  it takes a week or two to get over it… huh?  Yeh! 

Advertising:  Prepackaged lunches, dinners and more are touted as the answer for the busy family.  Stop buying those tempting items that are packaged, prepared, starches, sugars and any items containing wheat or alcohol*.  These items are addictive and low in nutrition to boot*.  ‘ TPTB’ spend millions on advertising these types of products knowing that those items have little to no redeeming nutritional value and are filled with wheat, sugar and starch… to dull your mind and body… keeping the public docile and fat, and sickly*!  Notice the programs on TV for children… in the back ground you almost always see boxes of cookies or cereal, bags of chips or a cake… and then ‘TPTB’ advertise those same sugar and starch filled items to our children on the commercial breaks*. Have you ever noticed that a 6 pack of beer is cheaper than a 6 pack of 100% fruit juice, and that soda pop is cheaper than bottled water?

PILLS and SHOTS:  Diet pills are a ‘come on’… no one wants to live on pills forever… thus the after diet binging that leads to yoyo diets also leads to bigger size clothes every year or two*.

Many movie stars, models, sports heroes and business execs have touted the benefits of a machine or gadget, pill or diet farm that promised to end your weight problems FOREVER!  Forget it! They lie! 

They are designed, for the most part, to set you up for failure*.  The industry wants you to depend on these as an addiction*.  They know full well that the pills and shots will not continue to work in the long run*.  Increased doses are likely and that you will surely regain all the weight that you lost and half as much more.  This will send you back to buy more or strong ones in hopes that the cycle can finally be broken and that you might meet your goal*. They depend on this yoyo syndrome to stay in business.  One might even think of ‘TPTB’ as glorified drug dealers*.

EXERCISE: I am not telling you that we do not need to exercise, because we do need to keep in shape. We need to keep active and tone our muscles so they do not atrophy from being a sedentary populace.   What I am saying is that in the long run it does not amount to a hill of beans if you exercise and cut calories at the same time.  Do not double stress out because of trying to regulate your new eating habits AND sweat yourself into a heart attack… I have stood in this concept from my youth and am finally vindicated in my soul and yet sound stand on the matter!  Millions of dollars are spent each month on apparatus that boast weightless promises to help you lose pounds and inches.  They produce data about how the body responds and even have a few folks to testify that the products are working for them.  There may be a fast one line statement about eating healthy but… they NEVER tell you about the exact amount of cut calories or describe the restricted, limited dietary menu that their representatives are using with the apparatus.  Exercise is a come on… and does NOT help in the long run with weight reduction.   Remember that I have said we have hard proof?  MSN posted an article on-line by a doctor, Karen Collins, R.D., that finally tells us that the test results are in and that after a year there is no physical difference in the folks that faithfully exercised along with restricting their caloric intake and those that only dieted and never broke a sweat. (Heres the link:

WEIGHT PROGRAMS LIKE ‘THE WATCHERS’ AND ‘THE JENNY’S’ THAT HAVE DIET FOODS SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR and THE RESIDENT ON SITE PRISON FAT FARMS: Those very expensive programs may help for a while, as long as you are in resigned to following their regime, continue to only eat what their program demands and don’t ever cheat*.  They chose your foods for you, your serving sizes and sometimes even the time of day that you may eat.  They can be so restrictive that you feel like you are either in prison with a Food Cop watching your every bite or you are in a total emotional mess because you have committed all that money and time to a program you absolutely hate! The minute you return to the real world, eating as you please, even if only for a few days, you will, guaranteed, begin to regain what you have lost and then some!  There is a better way… but you still have to follow a few simple rules. That is true about every program out there, including this one!  (However with the Fairy Tale Diet you are supposed to break the metabolic chain (or cheat, as you must)… and then return!  With the other programs there are no regulations for a person to be able to straddle both sides of the fence. ‘TPTB’ call our way of living nonsense! We call it a Fairy Tale Diet! There are NO MAGIC CURES!  However we seem to have the closest program to one.


Look at a few of the unsuccessful, famous folks, both men and women that have traveled that road, Oprah, Kirstie Alley and even, yes, men like John Travolta.  While they all had enough money to buy their way to lasting ‘Diet Success’… that just was not going to happen.  They were unaware of our simple little program with which we ever commoners are finding success. If only they had not bought into to the industry propaganda.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  The only program that ever works is one that makes you aware and determined to cut the amount of calories you put into your body, and to do it FOR AS LONG AS YOU BREATH*. PERIOD. The only success you will have is the one you control, that works for you and you alone are dedicated to making it a life long change*. The Fairy Tale Diet may or may not be the one that helps you to reach and keep up you weight goal*.  We pray that it is, or a variation that you may stumble upon that works for you.  The hardest part for many is remembering to order ahead and allow for order processing and shipping times to get the needed items for this program. (We reorder as soon as an order arrives.) This program works for thousands… because they can easily live it*! So what if you fall off the wagon occasionally? This program is very forgiving with built-in ‘cheating’*!  But is it really cheating when you HAVE TO CHEAT to make it work?  Try it our way… Follow the Fairy Tale Diet. Used our guideline that you can vary to crate your recipes, design meal choices and include snacking between meals as much as you want within the confines of the somewhat strict perimeters of the amazing Fairy Tale Diet*. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the food you eat on the 5 consecutive days that you are only allowed to eat these items and to be totally self-indulgent on the 2 consecutive days a week that resets your metabolic rate*.

So with all that in mind… and getting hungry… so what shall we create today?

How about a FREE RECIPE, something everyone will call decadent and delicious and never even think the words: diet food?  (Think military: Don’t ask… Don’t tell!  Lol)

Although this is a style of what some folks call bread pudding… I just can not bring myself to call it that… once you taste it I am sure you will agree!  This amazingly delicious recipe makes a two layer cake, but DH and I can not eat that much by ourselves so we cut the recipe in half and it is just perfection!  It is not real sweet or super chocolatey… so if that is what you crave, then double those two ingredients!


Bavarian Chocolate Cream Crumb Cake with Strawberry Glaze (6 servings)

For cake:
1 loaf of Julian Bakery Smart Carb bread, finely crumbled (14 carbs)

1/2 cup bakers’ cocoa

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup of Walden Farms Miracle Mayo

1 1/2 cups reconstituted non-dairy creamer 

30 drops of Splendex

4 large eggs (2.4 grams of carbs)

1/4 teaspoon LorAnn Bavarian Cream Flavor

For Glaze:
1 jar of Walden Farms strawberry Jam 


Heat oven to 350 º F. Lightly spray with butter flavored non-stick pan spray a round 9-inch cake-baking pan.

Place Splendex, Mayo, water, eggs, and flavoring in a large bowl and mix well. Add the dry ingredients. Blend with strong spoon 1 minute. Stop and scrape down side of bowl with rubber spatula. Beat 2 minutes more or until well blended, scraping side again if needed. Pour /spoon into prepared pan, it will resemble rocky road so smooth the top and place on center rack of oven.

Bake until top is lightly browned and a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, about 20-30 minutes. Remove from oven, and cool on a wire rack.

For Glaze:
put the contents of the strawberry jam into a small bowl or measuring cup and warm slightly in the microwave. Drizzle over the cooled cake.

Carb Count: Recipe Total 16.4 grams of carbs, Carbohydrates Per Serving 3.74 grams of carbs (33.66 calories per serving!)

This is Granny’s’ Gourmet DIY for the Fairy Tale Diet!

Class dismissed ‘till later



* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, but even if they were… would be more inclined to believe the ’TPTB” or one of your own?
This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

© Copyright 2009- 2011 Granny Peck. All Rights Reserved. This content may be copied in full, with copyright, contact, creation and information intact, without specific permission, when used only in a not-for-profit format. If you want to use this article on your site please click here. If any other use is desired, permission in writing from is required.

Disclaimer: The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Granny Peck, unless otherwise noted. Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the author, who retains copyright as marked. The information on this website is not intended to replace a personal relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Granny Peck and her community. Granny Peck encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.

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Grannys Gourmet DIY – Be a Picky Eater

If you are a picky eater… you are not alone. If you are not… you should be! In thought, word and deed!

Picky eating is a typical behavior for many people! It is simply another step in the process of taking control of you life.  Be a grown up, be independent, and live as you know you want to!  Be in control. Be a freak about it! After all, we are talking about your life, your health, and your body!  No body else should even be considered at all.  Not your DH, Not your kids, not even your parents if you do not live under their roof!

As long as you are in good health generally, and have plenty of energy, you are most likely getting needed nutrients.
If you are concerned that becoming a picky eater may last for a very long time or is very restrictive, speak with your doctor.  Diabetics are picky eaters that must be so for a lifetime… we are also in a health crisis and should address all of our future dietary needs as such!

Many people are hesitant to try new foods or even attempt to give a new diet half a chance!  It is completely normal to reject foods you have never tried before. Losing the foods that have poisoned your body but delighted your taste buds is also hard.  Finding tradeoffs that will bring a smile to your lips without pounds to your hips is so important! Mourning the loss of favorite foods as you enter the presumed wasteland of dieting is sooooo foreboding!  Granny knows! I have been there… we all have.

These reactions are leftover insights from our terrible twos… yes, from a period when non-verbal feelings and actions were ingrained into your memory regarding those things that you wanted to do that were forbidden and blocked at every turn and the actions you did not want to do that were physically thrust upon you!

What can you do to break that old scripting and get yourself to try new foods?

Face and accept the original reasons you felt and acted in this way!

Small portions have big benefits. Try small portions of new foods, you may enjoy them. Take small tastes at first and be patient with yourself. When you start to develop a taste for your new foods that support your new way of life you will be finding and experimenting with many new recipes, and that will make it easier to plan delicious and healthy family meals.

Listen to what you say and do to yourself and others about food.  Watch how you react.  Be a good role model by trying new foods yourself. The most positive way possible, orally describe the taste, texture, and smell of all new foods and recipes.  You may be the only one listening but… what we see, taste, smell, touch and HEAR… make a huge impact!  That new food or recipe may become your very favorite if you just give it a chance!

Introduce only one new food item or recipe variation at a time. Serve something that you know you like along with the new food. Starting your dream of a new lifestyle in dieting with too many new foods all at once is often too overwhelming and has been the cause of folks tossing the dream out the window.

Taking a taste of that new food first thing will set the mood for the meal! Right at the beginning of a meal, when you are the most hungry, take a long slow smell of the food just before you take a bite… close your eyes while you give it your full attention and think positive! Do you like the fragrance?  Does it call to you? Do you like the texture? Is it seasoned to your liking?  Does it need more or less of something to make it ‘perfection’?  Is it delicious? Others around you, if they see you doing this, will have one of two thoughts.  They will think that either you are praying before your meal (in that case the will not say a word most of the time) or they will think you are truly enjoying what you have just put in your mouth! (If that is the case… make that yummy hum that people make when they have just tasted something divine!) Not everything will taste wonderful… but 99% of the time it will not taste ‘icky’ either!  So do not start gagging and spitting and saying bad words!  If you just cannot stand it… then smile sweetly and in your most gracious way, and using your best manners… say… “ Well now… that is very interesting… I am going to have to remember this dish, however if I eat any more I won’t be able to finish the rest of my meal!”  The folks around you will think you just paid them a big compliment when however you were actually stating that it could make you sick!   No need for negative! Be polite to you and all that are present. 

Serve food plain to begin with if that is important to you. For example, instead of a spicy macaroni casserole, try to break down the ingredients separately like meatballs, pasta, and a vegetable. Also, you may wish to pretend you are dining in a fancy restaurant by setting out several plates of different sizes to keep the different foods separate or try plates with sections. For some of us the opposite works and serving a new food mixed in with a familiar item may be more helpful.  I did that with DH when I recently made black bean brownies!  I waited until he cleared half the plate before telling him how great they were for his gout because of the medicinal effect that the main ingredient, black beans, has in reversing the formation of crystals in gout. He thought I was teasing until I actually had to show him the recipe, the dirty blender, and black bean research on the internet!  Now he begs me to make them, saying his gout needs them, every weekend!

As the responsible caregiver for yourself primarily and your family secondarily, (yes, I do have this in the right order in this particular case) you play the biggest role in everyone’s life when it comes to eating behavior. What you say has an impact on developing healthy eating habits that not only affect that one single bite of food at the moment but also influences every bite that you or those under your dietary influence will have for the rest of their lives!

Negative phrases, expressions and reactions, as demonstrated above, can easily be changed into positive, helpful ones!

What else can you say to yourself and others that will affect eating behavior? The kid in us hears the negative memory tracks of the adults that raised us echo as we eat.  What do you subconsciously hear or repeat without being aware? If you react to negative tracks, as I have, then together we can fight those and break that chain of bondage on others. Not all eating choices that are made are the right kind of picky eating! Let’s view a list of common phrases that help and hinder healthy eating habits.

Some phrases teach us to eat for approval and love. This can lead to a lifetime of unhealthy behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs about food and about us. Instead try phrases that help to point out the sensory or vitamin qualities of food. They encourage the inner you and others to try new foods.

Instead of: Eat that for me try this is kiwi fruit; it’s sweet like a strawberry.

Instead of: If you do not eat one more bite, I will be mad try These tomatoes are filled with lots of good invisible stuff that can keep you strong, help you grow, and fights for you to stay well!

Then, phrases like these teach us to ignore fullness. It is always better for us to stop eating when full or satisfied than when all the food has been eaten. You may want to use phrases that will help everyone to recognize when they are full. This can prevent overeating.

Instead of: You’re such a big girl; you finished all your peas, try Is your stomach telling you that you’re full?

Instead of: Look at your sister. She ate all of her bananas. Try Is your stomach still making its hungry growling noise?

Instead of: Your have to take one more bite before you leave the table. Try Has your tummy had enough?

The next group implies that we are wrong to refuse food. This, too, can lead to unhealthy attitudes about food or self.  It is right to use phrases that let us know and feel like we are making good food choices, no matter what age we are.  It also shifts the focus toward the taste of food and not who was right or wrong.

Instead of: See, that didn’t taste so bad, did it? Try Do you like that? Which one is your favorite?

Everybody likes different foods, don’t they?

Offering some foods, like dessert, in reward for finishing others, like vegetables, makes some foods seem better than others. Getting a food treat when upset sends the wrong message and teaches us to eat to feel better. We all know this can lead to overeating.  Rewards of attention and kind words are better ways to offer comfort, especially if it is included with hugs and real one on one talks. Showing love and concern by spending time and having fun together is a more sincere form of affection than by buying them off with toys, trinkets, or food.

 Instead of: No dessert until you eat your vegetables. Try We can try these vegetables again another time. Next time would you like to try them raw instead of cooked or maybe cooked a different way, or maybe you can help?

Instead of: Stop crying and I will give you a brownie. Try I am sorry you are sad. Come here and tell me all about it and let me give you a big hug.

Once we started implementing this program, we were amazed at the positive reaction from friends and family about our ‘NEW LOVE’ for the food we consume, and how happy we are being picky eaters!  That is one more reason the Fairy Tale Diet works.  The food is delicious, the menus and recipes are endless and the dishes are fast and easy to prepare. My DH loves the versatility of ‘on 5 and off 2’ and sometimes gets upset because I refuse to prepare Fairy Tale dishes on those two days!!!!  (I love cooking… but I deserve a break from KP too!)

It seems that women’s work is never done…so I guess it’s time to hit the kitchen and find that FREE RECIPE for those Black Bean Brownies I’ve been talking about:

I love making these, they are so SUPER simple.  They get eaten fast (good thing too, because I’ve been told by others that those healthy enzymes and moistness of the beans, if not eaten in the first day or two, causes them grow fuzzy penicillin, that no one should eat!)

Preheat oven to 350*F and then as you go down the ingredient list, just start dumping each one into your blender and make sure you blend VERY well.

15 oz can black beans (drained & rinsed well)
4 large eggs
40 drops of Splendex
5 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp strong coffee (or 1 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water)
1 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp Walden Farms Miracle Mayo, butter, margarine or olive oil
1 tsp vanilla

Prepare an 9×9-baking pan by spraying it with butter flavored non-stick cooking spray.  Bake for 30 minutes, or until toothpick comes out clean. Allow to cool before slicing. Brownies are approx. 2 ¼ ” x 2 ¼ ” in size.

Number of Servings: 16

This is Granny’s’ Gourmet DIY for the Fairy Tale Diet!

Class dismissed ‘till later



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Gourmet Fast Cheap Delicious DIET Dishes

You want to lose weight and still enjoy gourmet dishes?

Welcome to Granny’s Gourmet DIY.  

After you read this, you will want to favorite our site to be able to shop for the items needed and once back home prepare a fabulous meal that others will believe was catered from a fine restaurant that only makes high calorie fattening foods.  Only you will know that it is low-carb and either low-calorie or no calorie and only took you 10-20 minutes from package to table, and that you did it all yourself, DIY.  

Never tell them that it was much, cheaper than those catered guys.  Just coo when the complements flow and tell them that these delicious flavors were magical and that they would be surprised at how you slaved over the stove… just for them.   

Many of our dishes require online purchases for the ingredients but the cost and nutritional values and flavors are amazing!

My secret ingredients and shopping lists offer you the chance to create DIY, gourmet, low carb, nutritious meals from the box to the table in under 10-20 min and most of them are under 400 calories.

Thirty years ago I owned and ran a very successful establishment in Sacramento, California named Bo Jangles.  Life happens and time goes on and yet my love for feeding others has not died .

I was going to start a new home delivery service called ‘Order Dinner In’ using my special menus but… I live in an area where it either rains or snows for 8 months out of the year.  Compile that with the fact that 2 heart attacks and 1 stroke later I have decided that driving in those conditions can be bad for my health! (Not to mention the lives of those that I may ‘acidentally run across’ literally, should something happen!!!!)

We have lost over 150 combined pounds and are not quite ready to post photos… soon though… because like you we need and want to lose pounds and lose inches.  We eat the recipes we cook – five days in a row… and on the other two days, the days we do not post… we eat anything we want.

So… being on the creative side, I did some crafts and I have written a couple of how-to books and compiled a couple of cookbooks (using the recipes I was going to prepare for my ‘OrderDinnerIn’ clients and have helped us lose all this weight) that are now available if you are interested but I will also be giving you a free recipe every weekday. be it an entrée, a side dish, desert or beverage. 

I guess what I should have named todays blog  is: PREVIEWS OF COMING ATTRACTIONS! LOL!

We will not be delving into the topics of politics, religion, children, romance, the weather or fashion.  They may be mentioned in passing on occasion but the main purpose here is to give you a dish that will WOW your taste buds at a price you can afford and as fast a lighting to prepare!

If this all sounds great to you…  then I’ll be back again with menus and shopping lists ASAP.




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